Make your kid the coolest on the block with this $4,400 Cake eBike package

The largest of the three bikes is actually a small electric motorcycle called Go.

Swedish high-end electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake has announced its new Kids Evolution Program with a new product trio named Ready, Steady and Go. Starting from 18 months to ages 6 and above, these three bikes – including the beefy 25mph electric off-roader – can be yours for roughly $4,400. One could say Cake riders are fortunate at any age.

For the smallest, the Cake Ready is a 12” all-aluminum balance bike weighing just 3 kilos (6.61 pounds). It costs 225 Euros ($240). Next up, still well before reaching kindergarten age, your kids can upgrade to a 400 Euro ($426) Cake Steady in case they are tall enough at 3.5 years. The Steady is a 16” single-speed MTB with dual V-brakes and short reach levers for safety. That’s fun, yet reach the age of 6, and it’s Go time:

Starting from a whopping 3,500 Euros ($3,730), the Go is a tiny electric motorcycle packing anything between 600W to 1.5kW depending on the guardian’s choice. At 70 pounds (32 kilos), it’s capable of playing in the dirt for over an hour, but of course it’s not street legal.

Cake’s adult lineup of electric mopeds and motorcycles include the Ösa, Makka and Kalk ranges, some of which recently made it to the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Electric Revolutionaries exhibition.

Curated by Paul d’Orleans of the Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation, Cake’s Kalk AP, Ösa Flex and Makka Flex are on display in Los Angeles since April 14th, alongside roughly 25 other examples of electric innovation in the two-wheeled sphere.

Cakes at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Since we are all keen to know, Cake’s most performance-oriented bike is the Kalk OR race, featuring a robust trail/enduro frame with a 19″/18″ MX wheel setup, an Öhlins air fork & linkage mounted rear shock, as well as a 11kW (15hp) motor producing 206 foot-pounds (280Nm) of instant torque.

The result is a top speed in excess of 55mph and a play time of up to three hours. For this 165-pound pack of fun, Cake is asking 14,000 Euros ($15,000), which makes the Kalk OR race still somewhat cheaper than a 2022 Chevrolet Spark LS in America.