No one will ever make a more perfect electric car than this

This 1984 Lada has been converted into an electric car ideal for posting pics of yourself on Instagram to make everyone extremely jealous.

While most Russian things are not particularly appealing at the moment, this Estonian Lada 2102 is extremely alluring.

The description doesn’t provide much detail, other than to specify that it won’t go very far (about 60 miles) or very fast (about 60 mph). What it does have is charm. So much charm. Charm bleeding out of every open seam in its thin Soviet steel.

The car uses batteries from a Nissan Leaf, a motor of unknown origin, and it has a trailer for adding a generator in case you need to travel slightly longer distances.

Fully electric driven classic Lada 2102, originally from year 1984, most probably the only one in the world! Battery pack from Nissan Leaf 24kWh. Drive range ca 100km. Type 2 charging 3,6kW. Max speed 100km/h. Officially registered as elektric car with EU papers. Built in 2021, as electric driven ca 1000km Trailer specially built for this car for carring the generator to charge batteries anywhere you want. Please ask for more info or photos.Car is in very good condition, totally rebuilt. Accepting offers!

– Ebay Ad

The starting bid is set at $32,000 and no one has bid yet, so my guess is there’s a deal to be had.

These cars, especially in wagon form, are fairly rare in this condition. Ones with a custom trailer made from another wagon? This might be the only one. Toss in the seemingly original Moskvich pedal car and you’ve got something truly special.

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