I Bought The Cheapest E-Scooter On Amazon Prime

Meet the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter. If you want a scooter for an adult it is the cheapest and fastest way to join the micromobility resolution. Also, it’s pink.

This purchase was inspired by the cheapest electric car but not interested in going through the who-knows-what-you’ll-get Alibaba route. I wanted to answer this question: If someone wanted an motor-driven, electric scooter for a short commute (under 5 miles) and wanted to be able to easily order it what would they get?

There are smaller scooters, but they seem to be mostly for kids. Because it’s Amazon, there are some non-Prime ones that will show up for slightly cheaper. After scouring Amazon I found the Hiboy S2 folding commuter kick-start booster scooter

While it said “for Teens” I wagered that the max load of 180 pounds, estimated range of 10.6 miles, and 43-inch size was enough to support me and anyone else I wanted to lend it to. It took just $399 (it’s even cheaper now) and three days of waiting and she showed up in a large box that proudly proclaimed I was the new owner of a Hiboy.

Our journey is about to begin!

The goal of buying this was to find out what the reasonable state is of the industry. While the intention is to review a range of scooters, including the well-regarded high-end Segway Ninebot MAX, I assumed I’d learn more from the lower end of the market.

If I’m being honest, I sort of hoped that it would be worse. There’s an element of stunt journalism to this and the stunt didn’t entirely pan out in that regard.

When I unloaded the HiBoy I found the usual hilarious CYA instructions and warnings (don’t drive it in water!). There were a few hand tools to tighten various screws and a cheap charger for the scooter’s 250W/5Ah battery.

Admittedly, I was worried I’d have to actually build this thing.

The scooter itself? It seemed pretty stout. The welds looked better than the even cheaper kick-scooter I’d purchased (more on that later) and one push of its single button caused the Hiboy to quietly come alive. One more push and my office lit up bright pink and white.

But this looks so awesome, Hiboy!

I couldn’t wait to charge it up and take it for a ride. 


honestly @McDonald’s, not how we planned this to go…. #escooter #micromobility #drivethru

♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

The staff at Motive Future has been sharing the Hiboy and will share more impressions soon, but my biggest takeaway from a few weeks of riding it is that it’s a real scooter that can function for an adult. It has enough juice to keep up with faster scooters from Bird and Lime and is stout enough to not entirely fall apart under rugged use. It’s only been used on cold days and hasn’t suddenly left anyone stranded.

I liked this more than my daughter did, though she also got a kick out of it.

Does it have quirks? Yes! The scooters comes with cruise control and t

Does it have quirks? Yes! The scooters comes with cruise control and turning it off is not at all obvious. Not great. The rear brakes are nice and progressive and easily bring the scooter to a stop. The front brakes on this front-wheel-drive scooter are far too grabby and I nearly vaulted myself over the handlebars the first time I took it out.

We bought this thing so we’re going to use it for at least a year or until it entirely craps out. 

I think I love it.

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